About Us

Our company is founded in 1996, and we carry out operations at our premises in Slagelse, Denmark. We produce “The Döner Robot” (a robot, slicing meat on a vertical spit), which has been developed through our own R&D studies, as well as precision-manufactured machine parts. Producing the world’s first and only, fully patented, full-automatic Döner machine, we work hard to meet the needs of the industry, thanks to our expertise in this field. Following the engineering calculations and 3B modelling carried out at our modern premises, we process the superior quality materials with our advanced manufacturing techniques, assembled meticulously to finally undergo quality control.

Being unique in the world, in its Field

We are committed not only to maintain our existing position but also to continuously develop our self in every aspect. Our employees are satisfied and under continuous training which results in, our “ability to work as a team”. This reflects on our customers as timely delivery and quality service. The principle of “continuous customer satisfaction” has made us a reliable and preferred business partner.

Our mission

We aim to provide better services by implementing the quality management system more efficiently and by manufacturing machines that are more sophisticated.

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