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We aim to be the global leader in food processing technology, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality. By partnering with our clients, we strive to transform the food industry and contribute to a more efficient, sustainable future.

38% Reduction of cutting loss

It ensures an up to 22% additional reduction of cutting loss, which is about 38% under normal conditions.

Fast cost return

With 24 hours non-stop operation the estimated cost return will be around 6-7 month. KSA-650 has also low operating expenses.

Easy to control

Thanks to its multi-functional touch screen. Unmanned operation after being pre-set through the touch screen.

1950kg/day high capacity

A capacity of up to 85 kg/h Capable of cutting Döner in the desired thickness Capable of cutting the entire product High capacity up to 1950 kg/day.

Service and support

In case of a malfunction, we fix it within 24 hours. The machine can operate in manual mode for consistant operation until the malfunction is fixed.

Industrial standards

All parts of the robot produced according to HSCC standard and easy to remove and clean. All machines are handmade and assambled in Denmark.

Pusat ApS
Innovating Food Processing

Founded in 1996 in Slagelse, Denmark, Pusat ApS specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced food processing machinery. Our flagship product, the KSA-650 Automatic Döner Slicer, showcases our commitment to innovation, precision, and efficiency.

designed to deliver unmatched precision and efficiency

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Follow the lead of our satisfied customers who rely on Pusat ApS for superior döner production. Our advanced Döner Robot Machines ensure precision, efficiency, and exceptional quality, helping businesses thrive in a competitive market.

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Unlock New Market Opportunities with Our Patented Döner Robot Machine

patented pusat KSA-650 automatic döner robot

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