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Patented automatic Döner robot machine
Pusat KSA-650

Built for Success

KSA-650 is built for success

At Pusat ApS, we understand that success in the food production industry demands precision, efficiency, and reliability. That’s why we’ve designed the KSA-650 Döner Robot Machine to meet and exceed these standards, ensuring that your business thrives in a competitive market.


Trusted by Industry Leaders 

Join the many satisfied customers who trust the KSA-650 to elevate their production capabilities. Our machine is not just a tool but a cornerstone of success for businesses aiming to lead in the food production industry.

Invest in the KSA-650 Döner Robot Machine and experience the difference that precision engineering and superior craftsmanship can make for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your success.


The KSA-650 Döner Robot Machine is a state-of-the-art solution designed to revolutionize the production of döner kebab meat. Engineered for precision, efficiency, and reliability, this machine is perfect for businesses looking to optimize their production processes and achieve consistent, high-quality results.

High Capacity Production

Processes up to 85 kilograms of meat per hour and up to 1950 kilograms per day, meeting the demands of high-volume production environments.

Continuous Operation

Built to operate 24/7, the KSA-650 ensures maximum productivity with minimal downtime, buildl for continuous operations.

Precision Cutting

Delivers consistent and precise slices of döner meat, ensuring uniform quality and appearance in every batch.

Waste Reduction

It ensures an up to 22% additional reduction of cutting loss, which is about 38% under normal conditions.

User-Friendly Interface

Features an intuitive, multi-functional touch screen for easy operation, allowing users to manage settings with minimal training.

Automated Adjustments

Automatically adjusts stove temperatures based on the diameter of the döner kebab, ensuring perfect cooking results every time.

Versatile Meat Handling

Capable of cutting various types of döner meat, including leaves, minced meat, mixed, turkey, as well as red and white meats

Automated Adjustments

Automatically adjusts stove temperatures based on the diameter of the döner kebab, ensuring perfect cooking results every time.

Safety and operation

The KSA-650 Döner Robot Machine is built with the highest safety standards in mind. It features an emergency stop button that immediately halts all operations in case of an emergency, ensuring a safe working environment. All parts meet HSCC standards, guaranteeing robust and reliable safety measures for operators.

Compact Design

With dimensions of 3000 mm width, 3000 mm length, and 2200 mm height, the machine optimizes space usage and fits seamlessly into different production environments.

Energy Efficiency

Operates with 400 Volt electrical input, consuming only 2 kWh on average, making it highly energy-efficient.

Easy Maintenance

All parts are designed to HSCC standards and can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring high hygiene standards and ease of maintenance.

Safety Features

Equipped with an emergency stop button to immediately halt all functions in undesirable situations, prioritizing operator safety.

Integrated Conveyor System

Facilitates easy packaging of cut döner kebabs, streamlining the production process and improving efficiency.

Manual Operation Capability

Can be operated manually if needed, ensuring continuous production without downtime.

Danish Craftsmanship

Handcrafted in Denmark, the KSA-650 embodies precision, quality, and reliability, synonymous with Danish engineering.

Large scale food production

Frozen meat producers

Supermarket stores

Whitelabel production

Export business

Pusat KSA-650 is ideal for:

Pusat ApS provides 24/7 remote support and can dispatch technicians within 24 hours for on-site assistance. We also offer full training for your staff to ensure they can operate and maintain the machine efficiently.

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Achieve Break-Even in Just 6 Months

Investing in the KSA-650 Döner Robot Machine means you’re choosing a solution that pays for itself quickly. With unmatched efficiency and precision, many of our customers achieve full return on investment within just six months.

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